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What is Google Authorship - Author photo in search results

When you search, you may see the name and photo of a page’s author next to your results. This is what we call authorship. Authorship helps you quickly find the work of your favourite authors.

Google came out with a way to encourage publishers and webmasters to do both of these.

Google announced easier authorship attribution by using Google+ signin. Now when you integrate your publishing platform, note only and TypePad are supported now, with Google+ signin, Google will automatically associate your posts with your Google+ profile.

That means more people will want to use Google+ and those using Google+ will automatically have authorship if they login using it.

Top 3 Benefits of verifying your Google Authorship:

1- SEO Benefits of Authorship:
When the author of online content is proven to have written quality content that has generated a good amount of traffic and social buzz, he or she will develop an “Author Ranking” that will result in a ranking boost to all content he/she creates.  Google Authorship is still in its infancy and you will be ahead of the curve by setting up content to boost your rankings now.

2- Name Awareness / Industry Authority:
In every industry there are people who are recognized as thought-leaders or trend-setters. These people are known for their expertise and industry knowledge.  How do you go about becoming one of these people? By producing high quality content and staying on the bleeding edge.  It’s important to get your name and business out there and to build your online authority.

3- Increased Connection / Engagement Between an Author and  Online Audience:
Google Authorship helps facilitate engagement with your audience, as people will now be able to tell, right in the search engine which content you’ve authored.


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