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A lot of different types of web development process are handled by companies today. There are a lot of articles in internet to indicate whether the process you are handling is effective or not. But, are they ethical? This article talks about web development ethics that are to be followed.

a)     No adult graphics or content should be presented in your context. This includes violence or supporting a radical group.
b)     Are you using cookies? Make sure to inform your users about it.
c)      Pop-up windows are for informing critical information to your users and not for advertisement purposes. Make sure to use them scarcely.
d)     Imitating another site is not a good strategy.
e)     Buying blueprints of other company’s site from any website development company illegally before that company publishes its site is illegal and remember that such a website development company would not be reliable to you too.
f)       Provide effective navigation and also provide a site map. Just for the same of advertisement, do not link all buttons to products page or discount page. It might agitate your customers.
g)     Did you make any changes in your site? Inform your clients about the changes and how it would affect or benefit them. Be clear and never provide false information to increase footprint.
h)     There are a lot of government regulations in terms of content, payment and other elements. Treat them with respect just like Google regulations.
i)       You must either buy pictures and use them in your site or click your own pictures. You can also find a lot of free pictures in internet. Do not get into any legal problems by using a copyright image.
j)       Selling customer information to any others without consent from your clients is illegal and unethical.
k)     Confidentiality is very essential. You should respect your client’s privacy.

There is nothing new in these points. All web development services providers would be aware of these tips. But, sometimes, people tend to advise you to take up an illegal and unethical process to gain more traffic. It might be fruitful in beginning, but you would lose a lot of customers at the end of the day. Do you want your customers to keep in touch with your service? Unless your revenue depends on one time traffic, you need to adhere to theses ethical rules.

Web Development Services

Talk to your web development company and understand the type of processes they are using in your site. Understand whether it is legal and ethical or not. Being branded as an unethical site would ruin your business once for all. Thus, it is better to go with the rules. There is nothing called undetectable mistakes. You would eventually be caught if you misuse your power.  You are not bound by any oath. 

These are simple limitations that you need to follow to get better results in future.
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