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Color is an essential part of graphic design services. Color influences people’s decision. Color is perceptive. One person would not see a color in the same way as another. You need to attract your customers with the color ascent, your website holds. Here are a few tips for the same.

Color psychology vs color combination

Color psychology is a concept where people perceive a certain meaning from a color. For instance, pink is for feminine, blue is for trust, red is for danger or hunger, green is for environment etc. These colors do represent a meaning. But, this meaning is not a definite one. Red in your website can be viewed as danger by some people, hunger by some people, attentiveness by others. Thus, it is better to go with color combination. Focus on good combination to create better color ascent.

Color combination

How to determine whether it is a bad combination or good combination? Does brown and green go well with one another? No, it is a bad combination. How about white and violet? Yes, it is a good combination. What makes brown and green, a bad combination? It is contrast. If your combination has high contrast difference, then it is a good combination. Black and green, grey and blue, green and blue, yellow and green and purple and blue are a few examples of bad combination.

Finding good contrast

How to find colors that have high contrast? Choose complementary colors from traditional color wheel. Complementary colors are those which are opposite to each other in the wheel. Most of the time, pairing a cool color with warm color would create a good design. Combine lighter shade of the warm colors with darker shades of cool color.

Current trend in color combination

Today’s trend in color combination is using monochrome palette. Different tints of one color are combined to create color ascent. Monochrome palette saves time and helps to avoid mistakes. You can use thickness, texture, lines and others to create ascents.

Tools for choosing the right color

Manual color selection is commonly used. However, if you are not confident in choosing the right color accent, you can opt for many tools like Visacheck, MotoCMS Color Picker and others. The web designing services company you choose may not be using these tools. Learn about the tools they use and understand how to use colors to influence.

It is true that each color indicates a psychological effect. However, remember that many senior citizens, people with color blindness and other problems may also view your site. You need to make sure that your color combination is precise and perfect to read. About 10 in 100 people have some kind of eye problem. 10% includes millions of people and if you forgo this category, you are forgoing a large bunch of customers to your competitors.

Colors are perceptive. There is nothing called right color and bad color. Ask your web designing services provider to show the latest trends and choose the one that you like. Clarity is the key for a successful portal.


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