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What is Google Authorship - Author photo in search results

When you search, you may see the name and photo of a page’s author next to your results. This is what we call authorship. Authorship helps you quickly find the work of your favourite authors.

Google came out with a way to encourage publishers and webmasters to do both of these.

Google announced easier authorship attribution by using Google+ signin. Now when you integrate your publishing platform, note only and TypePad are supported now, with Google+ signin, Google will automatically associate your posts with your Google+ profile.

That means more people will want to use Google+ and those using Google+ will automatically have authorship if they login using it.

Top 3 Benefits of verifying your Google Authorship:

1- SEO Benefits of Authorship:
When the author of online content is proven to have written quality content that has generated a good amount of traffic and social buzz, he or she will develop an “Author Ranking” that will result in a ranking boost to all content he/she creates.  Google Authorship is still in its infancy and you will be ahead of the curve by setting up content to boost your rankings now.

2- Name Awareness / Industry Authority:
In every industry there are people who are recognized as thought-leaders or trend-setters. These people are known for their expertise and industry knowledge.  How do you go about becoming one of these people? By producing high quality content and staying on the bleeding edge.  It’s important to get your name and business out there and to build your online authority.

3- Increased Connection / Engagement Between an Author and  Online Audience:
Google Authorship helps facilitate engagement with your audience, as people will now be able to tell, right in the search engine which content you’ve authored.

iPhone 5S Release Opinion

Apple will launch two new iPhones on September 20: a low-cost 5C starting at $99 and a higher-end 5S that features a Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

The 5C will be available in five colours -- white, pink, yellow, blue and green
and boasts many of the same features as the iPhone 5.
The 5S will receive upgrades to the camera, a faster A7 processor with M7 coprocessor, and the option to unlock your phone or make iTunes purchases with a fingerprint identity sensor.

For more details on the event,
check out our video and see what the say Dotzoo Inc CEO Mr. Vikas Luthra speaks on the new iPhone release:

Android Widget Development Services

The android could be a complete mobile platform that exposes a sturdy package, a comprehensive set of libraries, a fashionable multimedia system program and a whole set of phone applications. The humanoid gadget development provides a huge space of application classes like, communication application, office/business application, multimedia system application, travel application, net application, fun application, utility application and security applications. Mobile application development on the humanoid platform is incredibly the same as any regular code development project and includes such stages as needs gathering, design, prototyping, development of practical releases, internal control and merchandise life cycle management. Humanoid mobile applications supply the subsequent edges. Extended practicality - Mobile applications will give application practicality or utility that's not natively out there on the humanoid Smartphone or is considerably higher than what presently exists. Remote access - Mobile applications will extend business code practicality for field workers and provides their workers the chance to access data simply from any place wherever they need access to the web.

iPhone and Android Application Development


An arch provider of iPhone Applications Development and has produced apple chic applications. Dotzoo is alive on iPhone development for the endure 15 years and the aggregation is appreciative to accept all the applications accessible in the store, with 0% rejection. With an aggregation of about 20+ developers based in USA - India, alive on iPhone development alone, we accept appear added than 25 applications so far.

We accept formed with altered types of companies, appropriate from the startups searching to authorize the attendance to Fortune 500 companies searching to advance apple chic applications. With iPhone acceptable added and added accepted and one of the fastest growing Smart phone platforms on the bazaar today, it is actual important that your business is on your customer's fingertips.

Smartphone Apps

Some Reasons: Why Mobile Application Development is Important

Today mobile phone is becoming most important device of everyone's life, users of mobile phone increasing every day. The user growth has increased as the release of iPhone and Android Smartphone. This provides a great probability to online entrepreneurs and other companies to achieve their focus on audiences. Mobile application is today necessary for business owner. Through mobile apps business owners and individuals can earn more money by promoting their products. Due to these reasons mobile application development is necessary to take business up-to next level.

Achieve maximum possible users:  As mobile phones are very familiar today therefore mobile application development can helps to achieve more and more customers. This will provide vast publicity to your business.

Android Application Development

Today's mobile phones enable user far more additional than simply communication. Personal entertainments within the sort of numerous applications area unit the most options of today's mobile phones. Game development within the Google robot mobile phones is growing speedily among the robot users furthermore skilled game developers.

There are a unit wide selection of games which will be vying on mobile simply, because of the actual fact that today's mobile gambling business is well-developed. Game development in Google robot mobile phones is additionally growing speedily among the skilled game developers and robot users. Skilled game developers will simply work with robot game development by mistreatment the robot SDK (software development kit).

With the assistance of robot SDK, developers will style applications which will provide your mobile a whole makeover with new functions. This mobile computer code platform was created by Google and Open telephone set alliance, the robot is AN open computer program. Additionally to the current, Java support is additionally enabled during this platform for developing applications for mobiles creating it simple for developers to form applications mistreatment robot framework furthermore as Java.

iPhone 5 to iPhone: An Apple history in review

On January 9th 2007, Steve Jobs introduced to the world the Apple iPhone. Five years on and the iPhone remains a dominant smartphone force. From the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, to a possible iPhone 5 release date in the coming months, it has not always been plain sailing for the Cupertino company.

As Apple celebrates the fifth birthday of the first iPhone, we take a look back at the Apple smartphone in all its incarnations, telling you what we made of each one. Was it love at first sight? See below for our history in review of the Apple iPhone.

Apple iPhone review:

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